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  • Assistant/Associate Professor Poultry Medicine
    College of Veterinary Medicine - Department of Population Health and Pathobiology
    North Carolina State University

    The critical responsibilities of the position are to enhance and implement training for poultry residents and DVM students as well as serve as a liaison to the poultry industry and stakeholders. The position plays a critical role in sustaining our working relationship with internal and external stakeholders (e.g., CALS Prestage Department of Poultry Science, outreach to the poultry community at large) and in developing and fostering a working relationship with the Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory. The candidate should be respected, and accepted by the industry/stakeholders and be capable of bridging gaps between industry and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

    The person filling this position will teach the majority of the poultry Teaching Animal Unit (TAU) courses. This individual also is expected to assume leadership responsibilities of the TAU associated with the poultry sector. Additionally, this faculty member is expected to work closely with the Department Head when liaising with commodity groups and industry and they should provide timely response to industry/stakeholders needs particularly when new disease emerges.

    This person would also assume responsibility for poultry clinical rotations as well as course in Food Supply Veterinary Medicine; participate in Food Animal Diagnostics for Disease Control and Population Surveillance courses is also expected

    The faculty member would be responsible for creating [one] selectives pertaining to poultry production in the Southeast. This person is also expected to develop at least one poultry elective which can be taught independently or as a team.

    The faculty member would be responsible for ensuring the training of poultry house officers and would be closely involved with their teaching, particularly through field experience, introduction and coordination with the poultry industry and stakeholders, ensuring resident training includes a research component and that their work is published. Most importantly, this person is responsible for ensuring house officers are adequately prepared to sit for, and pass, their boards including fulfilling the publication requirement of this specialty. They would also be responsible for working closely with the Associate Dean of the Hospital to provide a robust education and field service experience/opportunity for the college/hospital. They will work closely with other faculty and the Associate Dean for Research to develop graduate opportunities through the CBS curriculum for graduate education where appropriate. The faculty member is also responsible for assisting with Externship opportunities for the House Officers.

    The incumbent is expected to have a research focus in an area that complements existing areas of research within the department in order to maximize collaborative opportunities, ensuring the needs of residents and stakeholders are met.

    Expected areas of research focus include muscoloskeletal disease, pathology of Enterococcus cecorum, infectious diseases of the gut, poultry viral diseases, avian respiratory disease, Marek’s disease, and phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of zoonotic pathogens as related to the development of antimicrobial resistance.

    The expectation is that the faculty member will be engaged in collaborative research. Expected areas of collaboration include projects in welfare and processing with faculty at the Prestage Department of Poultry Science and in pathology with the Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.

    Mentoring of DVM students is required as well as service on graduate committees when appropriate.
    At the resident level, research should complement resident training at the graduate or post- DVM level. However, the primary focus of the position will be clinical teaching and extension. Resident training should include an emphasis on applied research that is extension related.

    This person should ensure resident training includes a research component and the residents publish their work in peer-reviewed journals.

    Outreach, Extension
    As the majority of companies in the poultry industry employ a company veterinarian, the expectation is that this position will be responsive to stakeholders and industry needs in a timely manner. Their needs can be met by providing training when asked and identifying/assisting with emerging issues.

    Collaboration with the Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory is required and timeliness is emphasized with respect to this collaboration as Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory most often sees emerging issues before the industry/stakeholders realize there is a problem.

    Additionally, this faculty member is expected to deliver continuing education programs yearly and coordinate and plan the Annual NC Poultry Health Meeting. Brochures, pamphlets, and other media which are available to stakeholders and industry are expected; these should relate to emerging or continuing disease and management issues. Accordingly, the incumbent must have excellent oral and written communication skills.

    Clinical Service
    The position is vital for enhancing and extending the Colleges relationship with the NC State Veterinary Hospital. To that end, the incumbent is expected to assist the Veterinary Hospital with clinical issues related to poultry.

    They would also serve as a point person for poultry Field Service for the CVM Hospital, liaise and serve as primary contact with the Poultry Lead at the Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, and also serve as the primary contact veterinarian for the North Carolina State University at large and the NCVMA.
    This person will work closely with the Associate Dean of the Hospital to ensure that poultry medicine plays a role in field services and coordinates the Poultry House Officer Program in an exemplary manner.
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