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E-mail Me This: Research Assistant Professor (Anatomy & Physiology), Kansas State University

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  • Research Assistant Professor (Anatomy & Physiology)
    Kansas State University
    Department of Anatomy & Physiology

    The Department of Anatomy & Physiology with the College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking applicants for a Research Assistant Professor. This research position will have the responsibility to plan and conduct experiments under the supervision of the PI, keep laboratory records, help the PI to prepare research proposal and manuscripts, and monitor and order laboratory supplies.

    Job Description:
    - Plan and conduct experiments, keep laboratory record and write, and edit manuscripts and articles, complete diagnostic tests and determine , carryout and modify methods, procedures and techniques, design, fabricate, calibrate and repair research equipment; prepare grant applications, and monitor expenditures. Specifically, design and perform experiments on select agents such as classical swine fever virus and other swine virus pathogen diagnostic tests, virus-host interactions, vaccine development, adjuvant discovery and development, perform monoclonal antibody production, virus isolation, cell culture, SDS-PAGE, immunoassays, blood collection from animals, viral and bacterial challenge studies using animals, prepare research proposals and manuscripts with minimum supervision from the PI.
    - Data analysis and manuscript preparation, present data in lab meeting and national and international meetings. Help junior postdoc and graduate students. Perform other duties as assigned by the PI.

    Required Minimum Qualifications:
    Working experience in a BSL-3 research facility with Classical swine fever virus, monoclonal antibody production, and developing molecular diagnostic methods

    Preferred Qualifications:
    Ph.D. with minimum 2-3 years working experience in BSL-3 research and/or vaccine research.

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